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It's time to say goodbye to printed menus and welcome the digital version equipped with several features and a virtual waiter at every table!
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How it works
Add Items

Add items

Create unlimited categories of dishes, such as salads, soups, and desserts. Add names, images, descriptions, portion sizes, and prices offer discounts and special deals.
Publish it

Publish it

Share the frontend Digital Menu link with your guests via social media and WhatsApp and let everyone know what's lively.
Virtual Waiter

Virtual Waiter

Activate the digital menu Virtual Waiter plugin on your control panel, print the unique barcode, and assign it to each table to assist your guests at every step of their dining experience.
Process orders

Process orders

Start receiving and processing reservations, waiting list requests, takeaway, and delivery requests directly from your control panel.


Menu Management

Add multiple items in each category, such as salads, soups, and desserts. Include a name, an image, a description, set portions sizes, category & item add-ons, cooking reference, ingredients, and prices. Enable or disable items based on availability.

Online Orders

Accept unlimited dining in, takeout, and delivery without paying commissions or hidden fees. It will make it much easier for you to run your business more efficiently and increase the number of sales that you achieve.


Accept reservations such as Table Booking, Waiting List, and Event Booking. Display the availability status of each dine-in table at the top of the page. Motivate your guests to reserve a table or register for the waiting list before their arrival or ahead of time for outdoor events.


Come up with the right promotional strategies that highlight your items' taste and use offers and vouchers to gain your customers' attention. Effective marketing can also be an effective way to turn new clients into regular clients.

Category Scheduler

Automate or schedule specific categories to be displayed or hidden at a particular time, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Reduce guests' disturbance by providing only the currently available items and minimizing the items provided on your menu.


Include a few pictures of your venue style and brand on your Digital Menu page. But don't stop there! The gallery section page is a great place to display your offers, advertising campaign materials, promo codes, etc.

Food Source

Identify food sources rather than using paper copies, and keep your clients informed about where their food comes from.

Allergy Labels

Label every item with an allergen containing ingredients tag instead of general paper labels to keep it more professional and informative.

Item Tag

Promote both the newly released product and the most popular item, and let your guests know about the spicy item.

Social Media

Publish your social media profiles in your digital menu so your guests can find you across the Internet.


Add your venue location and let the system dynamically calculate table rate distance and minimum order rate for online orders based on the client's location.

Working hours

Add your venue working hours and let the system dynamically open and close the orders method as well as show your place status on the digital menu page at the top page.

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